Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy

Heart of the Swarm Protoss Strategy

Heart of The Swarm Protoss Strategies

As a random player im having a blast playing all the three races in the new Heart of the Swarm expansion. Protosses have gained some new units that changed the dynamic of protoss strategies drastically. With the addition of the mothership core, the dreaded oracle or the powerful tempest protoss is looking mighty in both offensive and defensive duties. If you are trying to reach masters league with protoss check the new Sc2 Strategy guide here.

Heart of the Swarm Protoss Strategy

The mothership core enables you to be greedier than before when expanding against all the three races while leaving you with the possibility of aggressive play with timewarp and mass recall. The oracle instills fear into your opponents souls, as proxy stargates become a thing again, protosses have been winning games by using the effectiveness of this amazing unit in killing enemy workers, crippling their economy making it easier to macro up into a deadly push afterwards. In the late game the addition of the mighty Tempest makes it possible for protosses to play some very ingenious and interesting unit compositions and combos, with Tempest + High Templars and VoidRays being one of the strongest.

Protoss Heart of the Swarm Builds

If you are looking into becoming a better player and mastering the protoss race you should take a look into this fantastic Heart of the Swarm Guides that will teach you how to play Starcraft 2 like a professional player. Within this guides you will find some of the best builds and strategies used by some of the best Starcraft 2 players.



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