Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy

Heart of the Swarm Terran Strategy

Heart of the Swarm Terran Strategies

If you are looking for a complete strategy guide for terran check the new and improved Heart of the Swarm Guide here.

Heart of the Swarm Terran Strategy

The cunning Terrans are back with their machines of war and spaceships to conquer the galaxy. The terrans have been my favorite race since the Starcraft 1 days, i always liked their mobility and ability to play long games of attrition and harassment, while building up a massive army for a last push.

The terrans are very mechanically demanding and are very hard to master, you need to play smart and maintain a very high pace all game long. With the addition of the widow mines and the Hellbat terrans have been able to build up a stronger defense while using the amazing fire power of the hellbat to harass their opponents economy.

The widow mines have proven to be all the terran needed for both offensive and defensive proposes, making the bio army even more mobile without the need of using the slower tanks to provide cover and splash damage against the zerg swarm. The widow mines are the new tanks, or even better depending of the situation, providing a very strong map presence and offensive\defensive capabilities.

Terran Heart of the Swarm Builds

The best way to learn how to play Terran in heart of the Swarm is to watch the best players and learn from them. I strongly advise you to get an Heart of the Swarm Guide to speed up the process of mastering the complex Terran race.


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