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Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Guide Review

heart of the swarm guide

Secrets of The Swarm – The ultimate Starcraft 2 Guide

Don’t waste more time with simplistic guides that only teach the basics and don’t give you any advanced strategies and tips. Secrets of the Swarm is a Sc2 guide created by a PRO KOREAN PLAYER that will walk you trough the great adventure that is playing Starcraft 2. You will learn the best strategies and builds and how to improve your mechanics and overall skill in record time. If you have been struggling for that league promotion or just wan’t to reach GM with ease give Secrets of the Swarm a chance of changing your gaming experience.

Starcraft 2 is a very entertaining and competitive game that will require all your attention to be successful and hundreds of hours grinding in the ladder to improve your skill level. This manual is a real shortcut to the higher leagues that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to  be a TOP Player without having to waste thousands of hours playing Sc2.

heart of the swarm guide

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Why you must purchase this guide ?

Still struggling to reach master’s league or getting out of the lower ladder leagues? Secrets of the Swarm is your best option. This s a Starcraft 2 guide created by a professional top Korean player with lots of experience and insight about our beloved game. Doesn’t matter if you are a noob or simply don’t have much time to spend playing sc2, this guide will provide you with the best strategies builds and tips to improve your mechanics and gameplay in record time. Learn with the elite and dominate the game with ease.  Whats better than learning from a sc2 top player ? Nothing! This is an unique opportunity to become a better player and reach your true potential. Don’t pass this opportunity to be the best you can be.

Some of the Things you will learn with this manual:

  • How to reach top master
  • How to improve your Micro and Macro management.
  • How to react to any build or strategy your facing.
  • Learn what are the counters to each unit and how to abuse their abilities and strenghts.

Master the 3 Races with Secrets of The Swarm

With this guide you will learn how to play each race like a true master. The best strategies, builds and tricks to play as a Zerg, Terran or Protoss will be exposed by one of sc2′s finest. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses that you need to know and exploit. Doesn’t matter which race you chose, secrets of the swarm covers it all.

Complete all Achievements like a Boss!

Casual players are not forgotten! If you like to play the single-player or just collect achievements this guide can help you speed up the process and max out your achievements like a true master!

Secrets of the Swarm is a small investment to improve your Starcraft 2 skill. The possibility to learn from a true sc2 Pro is rare and almost impossible to the majority of players. This is a golden opportunity to learn with the best and understand how really sc2 works at the highest levels of play. This a complete all-in-one guide with lots of information, zero filler, hacks or exploits and doesn’t contain outdated information. Check secretes of the swarm official page here.